Interview Prep

An interview is an employer’s chance to evaluate you as a prospective employee for their company. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for you to gather information on the employer, and help determine whether the position is a good fit for you. Preparing in advance can help you make a positive impression on a potential employer.

  1. Research the company, industry, culture, history, the job title and description, and YOU. Know your strengths/skills/goals and the value of your degree or experience.
  2. PRACTICE answering INTERVIEW questions.

  3. Dress for success
    First impressions are made in the first 5 seconds. Always wear a business suit, unless the employer tells you not to wear one. A suit is always the interview uniform. (Plus, smile and show enthusiasm).

    • Two-piece dark colored suit (pants or skirt)
      • Suggested colors include black, blue, gray
      • Solid or light stripes
      • Single or double breasted depending on personal style or industry
      • If wearing a skirt, consider wearing neutral panty hose or dark tights
    • Crisp white or blue blouse, tailored shirt or shell
    • Conservative tie that reaches mid belt
    • Polished shoes (closed toe) with a low to moderate heel and match the color of your belt (if wearing one)
    • Socks should be dark blue, brown, black or gray (match your suit)
    • Be aware of jewelry and body piercings, it is suggested to be more conservative or remove multiple piercings
    • Use perfume/cologne and makeup sparingly
    • Nail polish is should be a neutral color
    • Carry a portfolio folder, professional bag or simple purse

    How to Dress for Job Interviews & Work Experience -

  4. ABC - Always Be Closing:
    Let the interviewer know how your skills and experience match what they are looking for and remind them of this throughout the interview. You should be marketing your fit at all times!
  5. Finish the interview by completing these three steps:
    • Prepare 3-5 questions to ask the interviewer
    • Ask for a business card
    • Tell them you want the job!
  6. Send a Thank You email or card within 24 to 48 hours of having your interview to all individuals that you met with that day. Make it original and remind the employer of why you are a good fit!