Career Outcomes 2015

The Class of 2015 was surveyed about their post-graduation destinations at graduation and six months after degree completion. Data are also gathered from public record via LinkedIn. The undergraduate and graduate knowledge rates are 86%. Knowledge rates were calculated using the sum of the various ways these data are collected.


Download the 2015 Postgraduate Outcomes Summary report.

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Career Outcomes Rate: 93%
Career Outcomes Rate: 93%
Sample Employers & Graduate Schools

Career Outcomes by College

College of Communication
Download the Undergraduate Communication report.
Download the Graduate Communication report.

College of Computing and Digital Media
Download the Undergraduate CDM report.
Download the Graduate CDM report.

College of Education
Download the Undergraduate Education report.
Download the Graduate Education report.

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Download the Undergraduate LAS report.
Download the Graduate LAS report.

College of Science and Health
Download the Undergraduate CSH report.
Download the Graduate CSH report.

Driehaus College of Business
Download the Undergraduate Business report.
Download the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business report.

School for New Learning
Download the SNL report.
Download the Graduate SNL report.