On-Campus Interviewing

The On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program brings hiring employers to DePaul's Loop and Lincoln Park campuses to host interviews, company presentations and other recruiting events. Employers hire primarily for entry-level professional positions and full and part-time internships.

OCI Eligibility

To apply and be eligible for On-Campus Interviewing positions, you must be either:

  • Minimum of current undergraduate sophomore status seeking employment
  • A current graduate student (non-MBA) applying for jobs and internships that desire graduate level experiences
  • An alumnus that meets the position's required qualifications

Skill level and salary for all On-Campus Interviewing positions are commensurate with entry-level skill sets and candidates who have less than one year of professional full-time work experience.

Get Started

To participate in On-Campus Interviewing, you must:

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements and review the program policies
  2. Participate in an online orientation session BEFORE your first on-campus interview. To access the training visit: On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Orientation. The entire session, quiz and training evaluation will not take more than 30 minutes to complete. After viewing this presentation, you must take the quiz located at:

  3. Update or create a profile on Handshake and upload an up-to-date resume to the system

Pre-Interview Receptions

Pre-Interview Receptions are typically held the night before a company's scheduled interview date on campus. They give selected interview candidates the opportunity to meet their interviewers, discuss the open positions, and learn about the organization's corporate culture.

If you’re invited to a Pre-Interview Reception, we strongly encourage you to attend! Your attendance shows that you are interested in and enthusiastic about the hiring organization.

Connect with Us

DPC: 312.362.8437

LPC: 773.325.7431

Prepare and Connect

Practice Interviews
Practice and improve your interview skills.

Resumes & Cover Letters
Develop your job search documents.

Company Presentations
Meet and network with recruiters and company representatives.

Job & Internship Fairs
Visit with dozens of employers at once!