Enroll in the University Internship Program (UIP)

Earn credit for your job or internship and fulfill your Experiential Learning requirement.

About the University Internship Program (UIP)

DePaul’s University Internship Program connects you with employers in short-term and long-term internships. You can:

  • Explore potential careers and industries
  • Graduate with professional work experience
  • Apply classroom learning in internship settings
  • Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors and references
  • Fulfill your Experiential Learning Requirement by taking a 4-credit UIP course while working

Getting Started with UIP

University Internship Program (UIP)

Complete the UIP Internship Online Proposal Form
Once you have secured an internship, complete the UIP Online Proposal Form so the UIP team can approve your internship and help you enroll in a course. Your current job may qualify for UIP.

Attend the UIP Orientation
The UIP Orientation will help prepare you for your internship and give you a comprehensive overview of the program and course requirements. You must attend the UIP Orientation before enrolling in an UIP class. The Orientation is not required for UIP 350 students.

To register for Orientation:

  • Login to DePaul.Experience and click on “Calendar”. Select the “Calendar Search” option. Select “UIP Orientation” as the Event Type in the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Search.” View time and location details by date, and pre-register using the “Sign-up” button.

Internship Plu$ Program

Get financial support while working at an unpaid internship! Internship Plu$ provides up to $1,000 in financial assistance to eligible first-generation students working in a quarter-long, unpaid internship. While working, you will also enroll in a UIP course which will fulfill your Experiential earning Requirement. Consideration will only be given to first-generation undergraduate students (neither parent has a Bachelor's Degree) with financial need. You may work at other paid or unpaid jobs while you are taking advantage of this financial support opportunity. There are a limited number of spots each quarter. The program isn’t available during Winter Intersession or Summer quarter.

To apply for Internship Plu$, please complete this application.

For more information, email

Internship Programs in Your Major

In addition to UIP, every undergraduate college and school at DePaul offers internships for academic credit through many of their departments. Many of these internships are paid positions. For information about these internships, contact your college office.

International Students

If you are an international student in F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant visa status, do not begin your internship (paid or unpaid) without first obtaining the necessary authorization to engage in off-campus employment from the International Student Office (ISO). If you have any questions regarding employment authorization, contact the International Student Office in DePaul Center 9300 or (312) 362-8376.

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