10 Tips for Job Search Success

1. BE HONEST with employers. This includes your online profile, resume, and cover letter. Honesty is integral during the interviewing and job offer process.
2. CONDUCT YOURSELF professionally. Show up on time for interviews, dress professionally and come prepared. Preparation is key, so research the organization in advance and prepare questions for the interviewer.
3. DON’T FEEL OBLIGATED to accept all interviews and second interviews. However, be sure to inform the employer if you are not interested in accepting an interview or continuing on in the process.
4. CONTINUE ON in the interview process if you want to learn more about an opportunity. If there are a number of aspects of the job that you like, continuing the process can help you make a decision about the opportunity.
5. ASK FOR MORE TIME to make a decision if you need it. If you have reservations about an internship or job offer or are actively interviewing with other companies, contact an employer to see if you can be given more time to decide.
6. DON’T CONTINUE TO APPLY for jobs and interview once you have accepted an offer. If an organization finds out that you are pursuing other opportunities after accepting their offer, you can risk your reputation and offer with that organization.
7. DON’T ACCEPT AN OFFER if it is a “safety” internship or job. Accepting opportunities as a “back up” can lead to difficult situations in the future. Additionally, you are taking a job opportunity away from another student or alumnus that an employer may have hired.
8. CONSIDER EVERYTHING. Evaluate all benefits including vacation time, retirement packages, tuition assistance, and salary. Determine your cost of living to help make a decision about the salary offer. Also evaluate the type of work you will be doing, who your manager and co-workers will be and where the company is located.
9. DON’T FEEL OBLIGATED to negotiate the compensation package with an employer. It is not necessary if you feel the employer is making you a fair offer based on your skills, experience and market value for the position. Not all entry-level compensation packages are negotiable.
10. CONTACT THE CAREER CENTER and make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss the application, interviewing or job offer process. Career advisors can assist you along any and all steps of the internship and job search process.