The Handshake Career Network and Job Platform

The DePaul Career Center is pleased to introduce Handshake, our new hub for all things college to career - jobs, internships, career fairs, events, mentors and more. Handshake launched in May 2015, replacing the now discontinued Experience platform as the Career Center's primary career services system. The Handshake platform was designed by students for students with one goal in mind: to help connect students to their dream career.

In Handshake, students can find out about and apply for jobs and internships, RSVP for career-related events and job fairs, search for and reach out to a mentor, get the scoop on the employer they’ve been eyeballing and even make contact with a representative on our staff.

Steps for students:

  • Log in at using Campus Connect credentials.
  • Create a profile completely. The system itself was engineered to get smarter the more students it knows! Encourage your students to complete their profiles in order to get the best results.
  • Start searching for upcoming events, jobs, internships and employers that they are interested in.

What you as faculty/staff can do in the system:

The Career Center pre-enabled system access for academic advisors and a segment of facutly/staff (primarily those who had been active users of Experience) when Handshake launched. Login to the system at with your Campus Connect credentials. If you have any difficulty accessing the system, please fill out our Handshake Account Request Form and our support staff will create or approve your account.

Once you login, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile. As a student-focused platform, the Handshake profile does not currently have a “faculty or staff” status option. We encourage you to complete that portion of the profile with your students in mind. For example, if you primarily teach or work with freshmen, you may want to select that status option for now, so that the system will serve up events and content relevant to that audience in your daily feed. As the system continues to evolve, we will continue to share best practices for faculty and staff.

Check out our HireDePaul blog for more tips and platform updates.