Career Center Staff Expertise

The Career Center staff offers more than student advising. We can provide insight into industry trends, information on DePaul's graduates, connections to employer partners and alumni, and much more. Let's connect! For a full staff list, please visit our staff directory.

Career Center Expertise Relevant Staff Point Person or Liaison E-mail Address Phone Number
Alumni outreach Leslie Chamberlain 312.362.8282
Career changers & transitioners Donna Del Giudice 312.362.5712
Career outcomes Gillian Steele 312.362.5490
Handshake Karyn McCoy 312.362.5874
Employer trends Karyn McCoy 312.362.5874
Government careers Donna Del Giudice 312.362.5712
Graduate school preparation Gina Anselmo
Hilarie Longnecker
International students Adi Clerman
Internship trends Caroline McAteer 312.362.5364
InterviewStream Lorne Bobren 312.362.8712
LGBTQ students Gina Anselmo
Hilarie Longnecker
Students with disabilities Michael Elias 312.362.6749
UIP Curriculum/Career Course Lynne Copp 312.362.5720
Veteran students Donna Del Giudice 312.362.5712