Guide to Teaching Overseas

Teaching Outside the United States, An article written by Donovan Cook offers an in-depth, yet concise, overview of the overseas teaching job search. It includes information on the requirements for overseas teaching, the several types of schools overseas, and how to begin the overseas teaching job search.

Teacher Salary Schedules Overseas, collected by the American Federation of Teachers.

Resources for Overseas Job Searches

Colleges & Universities

Listed below are colleges/universities with particular emphasis on international teaching. Contact them directly for job fairs and other job search information.

  • University of Northern Iowa
    Overseas Placement Center, Career Development and Placement, Student Services Center, Cedar Falls, IA 50614. (319) 273-2083

Associations & Agencies

The associations and agencies on the list provide information about overseas teaching jobs. Some hold job fairs; some are fee-based placement agencies.

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