Resources and Special Populations

Career Planning and Salary Research Tools

Federal, Local, Municipal, County and City Employment Resources:

Federal employment:
  • is the Federal Government’s official source for federal job listings, job applications, and employment information. Not all jobs may be listed on USAJobs, so it is advisable to also check agency websites.
  • is for students interested in working for the federal government and provides application tips, federal resume writing tips, the application process, benefits of working for the government, pay information, listing of government agencies and more.
  • Federal Occupations by Major (PDF) - This file from the US Office of Personnel Management lists academic majors and Federal occupations related to those majors.
  • FAQs on working for the government - This section answers some frequently asked questions about government work and workers—including what they do, where their jobs are, what kind of education they need to get started, and how much they earn.
Federal Government Resumes: Best Practices

Local and Municipal employment:
  • State of Illinois employment - and
  • For more information on municipal occupations and job postings in the state of Illinois go to the Illinois City/County Managers Association and the Illinois Association of Municipal Management
  • For national information on Public Administration occupations go to the American Society for Public Administration

County (Cook and collar countries) employment:

City of Chicago employment:

General Sites for Jobs in City, State, or County:

International Students

The Career Center assists international students with completing Curricular Practical Training (CPT) as well as in looking for employers to fulfill optional Practical Training (OPT). Annually, the Career Center hosts the Career Forum for International Students to provide legal, employer and student perspectives on obtaining employment in the United States.

Students with Disabilities

Utilize job boards, find search tips, and research information on employment rights, laws, regulations, and job accommodations for people with disabilities.

Accommodations and Rights:
Employment Programs and Services:
Job Boards:

Diverse Student Populations

Research career-related information on sites dedicated to serving the career needs of diverse populations.

African Americans
Asian Americans

International Job Resources

International Job Sites for full time positions and internship opportunities: Many sites also feature information about moving overseas, legalities and cultural awareness.

International job and internship opportunities in the public sector: (NGO’s, IGO’s, and government):

International Organization Sites and Resource Databases

High Recognition International Organizations:

International Resource Databases: